We're a highly-qualified, professional photography business. Experienced in various types of photography, we're known for our quality, and customer satisfaction in the Austin, Houston and San Antonia Markets

With 26 yrs in the industry Capital Photographers will meet and exceed your needs, with the equipment and knowledge, C.A.P.S. has become a industry leader in the field of automotive photography, Video and Inventory, pricing software (IOL)

We are a full service Company giving the Automotive industry a new look and marketing tools to create customer leads right from their smart phones, and sitting in the comfort of their own homes.

C.A.P.S. makes it easy for both the dealership and the customer looking for their next car by taking the guess work out of the viewing process.

Our photography will showcase the details of every vehicle and that makes for an easy transaction for both the customer and the dealership. 

What Our Customers are saying about C.A.P.S.



​Pro Photography makes the differance

When  you hire us we will  increase your sales:

This is proven some of our customers are Sterling Acura of Austin, Rich Davis the owner along with James Wood have confided in me that their sales are up 40% for pre-own vehicles since we came on board.

This is the same conversation we have had with CJ Barnett the Vice President of Barnett Auto Group at Onion Creek Volkswagen that our Images and professionalism has increased their awareness to the public and in turn created sales.

Hendricks Auto Group is also our Client through Audi of South Austin and their pre-owned sales are the highest in the Auto Group one because of their sales staff but also because we have created a online image that when their customers look at the inventory online it is professional and gives them the ability to make the decision to come test drive the vehicle.

Please go on their websites and look at what we can do for you.

If you have a price we need to beat then lets talk and see what we can do, We WANT YOUR BUSINESS

Speed to Market Service


​I.O.L. Inventory online solution 

Stickers and Buyers guides can be printed for all used cars during the photography service, if through our software is at no charge but with a third party inventory software the cost per sticker printed is $0.29 per car. (this does not include us providing the stickers) for C.A.P.S. to provide the sticker is a charge of .89 per sticker custom designed and printed in lots of 100

We handle your Widow stickers

When you Hire C.A.P.S.

What we do when you hire us is we setup a custom backdrop indoors or out doors we have full studio lighting or if outside all the images can be edited so there will not be any shadows on the backgrounds. Are staff is professional with proper training in positioning of the vehicle for the exterior shots and proper lighting for the interior shots.

We Give you speed to market service we understand that it is imperative for the images to be uploaded to the inventory program our upload dept will receive the images daily and they will be uploaded the same day before 12am, this is included in our service